One-Legged Dancer Gets A Golden Buzzer On Britain's Got Talent 2023

At the last audition of the Britain's Got Talent 2023 show, Musa Motha also appeared these days, who impressed many internet users with his talent.

With his dance, he also impressed the judges, who in the end together pressed the Golden Buzzer for him - this puts him straight into the semi-finals of the show.

The video, which was published on the YouTube network, is already a hit there - to date, it has already reached almost a million views, and the performance of the 27-year-old dancer is a real treat for many dance fans.

Musa Motha comes from South Africa and had lost his leg due to cancer in the past. Before that, he played football, but after the amputation, he found love in dancing with the help of his friends. It was through dancing that he introduced himself to the judges in the BGT 2023 show.

Although all the judges have already used up their Golden Buzzers this season, they made an exception this time. They all pressed the Golden Buzzer for Musa, especially at the request of the audience in the hall and above all his exceptional dancing talent.
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