Polish Firefighters Arriving To Greece To Help Fighting Wildfires

Large-scale fires are still being witnessed these days in Greece and Northern Macedonia, as well as elsewhere in Europe.

It is from Greece that a video is coming in which we can follow the arrival of Polish firefighters to help the Greeks put out the fire.

Teams of many firefighters from Europe also helped local authorities in northern Macedonia to put out the fires. Many of them have already returned back home, as they have already successfully brought the fire under control during the intervention.

Poland also offered its help to Greece, sending their brave firefighters on a 2,000-kilometer journey through 5 different countries. A scene showing the arrival of Polish firefighters in Greece has landed online, and the video is already a real hit.

Watch a video from Greece where we can see the arrival of firefighters from Poland when they selflessly rushed to the rescue during the firefighting and had previously traveled 2,000 kilometers.
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