Ramp Rollover Competition At Speedway Warneton

Did you know that there is a very special competition in which competitors are judged after a successful overturning of cars?

Such a competition has been held at the Speedway Warneton race track in Belgium in recent days, and the video is already a real success online.

On the YouTube network alone, the video reached almost 150,000 views in just a few days, and car and accident fans in particular are enthusiastic about the scenes.

Competitors have a clear task - they have to rollover an old vehicle as attractively as possible with the help of a ramp, and of course they use all the necessary protective equipment during the feat.

Take a look at the scenes from the Belgian Speedway Warneton, where racers compete in rollovers of old vehicles. Without a doubt a great relaxation for all car enthusiasts.
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