Rescued Monkeys Play With A Dog, Video Already Has 4 Million Views

The web was circulated in May by a video in which all the attention was stolen by rescued monkeys and their dog friend.

The video is already a real sensation on the YouTube network - to date, the scenes have been watched by more than 4 million online users.

A rescued monkey found in the nearby wilderness was brought to a local shelter. It did not have a mother, and it cried loudly all the time. As the area is full of wild foxes, rescuers brought the monkey to the shelter.

They named him Google, and in the shelter, in addition to other monkeys, he has a special friend, a dog, with whom he gets along very well.

Guardians filmed a cute scene of a play between monkeys and a dog months ago, and impressed many animal lovers with the video. These wonderful scenes are sure to make your day better.
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