Smart Octopus Gets Closed Into A Jar, Escapes It Without A Problem

Octopus are species of molluscs, and they live in seas all over the world, mainly located on coral reefs. Among the octopuses are about 300 living species, which is about one third of all known types of molluscs.

The octopus has eight limbs and the majority of octopuses are completely without a solid skeleton, which gives them exceptional flexibility.

In addition to flexibility, it also applies for the octopuses that they are most intelligent invertebrates, which greatly facilitates their work while hunting prey and avoiding natural enemies. They also help with the ability to compress through narrow passages, they can change colors, and at the same time they can also release the poison.

Two years ago, a video clip, in which the owner of one of the octopuses showed the world, how intelligent these animals are.

He closed the octopus into a jar, and then filmed her escape on the camera. The Octopus came out of a closed glass jar as a joke and attracted a lot of attention with its venture. Take a look at this quick escape!
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