Two Gorillas Running From The Rain Left Viewers In Laughter

These days, a video has landed on the TikTok network, where we can watch real comedy in the London ZOO.

There, the visitor recorded a scene with two gorillas, when they were looking for shelter during the rain, and with their actions, they provided a dose of laughter among the visitors and spectators.

The video that Molly Eliza published on her TikTok channel is already a hit there - to date, the scene with the gorillas has been viewed by several million users of the aforementioned network.

mollyelizah, TikTok
One of the animals fought against the raindrops with something that looked like a jacket, and many online commentators wrote that the actions of the two gorillas reminded them of their past experiences.

Take a look at this hilarious video where we can follow two gorillas from London ZOO as they seek shelter from the rain. Will the scene make you laugh too?
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