Adorable Doberman Dog Does Its Own Exercise Routine

Every dog owner is aware of how smart and obedient these animals are, as long as they have the right teacher.

A video landed on the YouTube network last month in which many animal lovers were enthralled by the doberman dog.

The owner filmed his dog while he was watching a video of the previous exercise on the TV screen. Because he is a well-trained dog, he and his owner exercise several times, and the dog knows the training process very well.

A video, in which the doberman practiced together with the owner, was broadcast on television which made him repeat all the movements. The dog exercised right while watching TV.

The video and especially the talent of the dog impressed many animal lovers online, especially those owners who have slightly less obedient dogs. Take a look at what the doberman was doing in front of the TV while watching a video of a workout with his owner.
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