Cat Feasts On Catnip As Owner Tries To Stop It

A video landed on the Internet a few days ago, which exceeded one million views in an instant on the YouTube network alone.

All the attention in it was stolen by an "addicted" cat who couldn't resist the aroma of catnip. She really made many people laugh online with its enthusiasm.

Catnip is an herb that belongs to the mint family. When catnip leaves are crushed, they release aromatic oils, and cats find it difficult to resist the fragrance. Catnip contains nepetalactone - a chemical that causes wild reactions in cats.

When cats smell catnip, the smell takes over, and after they eat catnip, they are completely softened. After all, catnip is not a type of drug, as it is a completely natural herb.

Look at the cat's hilarious response when the owner let it smell catnip for the first time. Interestingly, such a reaction is staged by about half of the cats, and the other half does not care about catnip at all.
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