Disabled Karate Guy Shows The Whole World Everything Is Possible

Disability Karate Federation is a charity organization that teaches children with special needs to learn martial arts.

One of the members is also a boy who suffers from a very rare syndrome, which affects the rupture of the arms and legs, but it can also affect the whole body.

A good year ago, a video clip was released on the web in which the boy proved that he is willing to overcome any obstacle. He showed the karate choreography of Kata Empi, with which fighters come to the karate belt, which in this sport is a symbol of knowledge and respect.

Even if he can't help himself much with his hands and feet, he pushed his body to the limit so that he managed to perform the mentioned performance with excellence.

Above his moves, many viewers are enthusiastic, but surely you will be enthusiastic about the boy too. Where there is desire, there is power too!
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