Drone Is Recording Accident Aftermath When Another Accident Occurs

These days, the web has been surrounded by a video from a highway in the Polish city of Lublin, which was captured with the help of a drone.

The author was filming the consequences of a traffic accident from the air, when another traffic accident occurred in front of rescuers and many drivers.

Rafał Bajus from Poland posted a video on his YouTube channel a few days ago, which was captured with the help of the Mavic Mini drone. He was filming the aftermath of the traffic accident on a highway in the city of Lublin when a camera on a drone recorded another collision.

One of the drivers was watching the result of the accident, and a few seconds later he was involved in the accident himself. A speeding driver crashed into the back of his car as he could not stop in time. Fortunately, the speeding car was also avoided by a worker who was involved in removing the aftermath of a previous car accident.

Take a look at the scene from the highway in the city of Lublin in Poland captured by a drone, when another collision occurred while filming the aftermath of a car accident. Be careful on the roads!
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