Garbage Sorting Worker Rescues A Live Cat In A Bag

Years ago, a video appeared online showing a touching scene in a factory where garbage is processed.

There, one of the workers on the assembly line noticed the bag, then found a live cat in it and saved it from certain death with his intervention.

The video clip, which landed on the Internet two years ago, is already a real hit on social networks - it has reached several million views to date, and these days the video clip has spread again on the Internet. Many online commenters expressed their gratitude to the careful worker.

While sorting garbage, the worker rescued a cat that someone had sealed in a bag. All that right in front of the sharp blades. The cat was alive and unharmed, but a moment of inattention would change its fate forever.

Watch the video, where we can follow the touching act of the worker when he saved a cat in a bag from certain death. Well done to the worker for such a human gesture.
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