Gate Has Built In Masks For Huskies To See Outside

One of the hits online is also a video in which we can watch a scene by the iron gate in front of one of the houses.

The author of the video laughed honestly when she found out what masks with holes in the gate are for.

The video is already a real hit online - it has garnered more than half a million views on YouTube alone to date, and the scene is admired by many animal lovers online.

At first glance, the masks on the gate before entering the estate have only a beauty role, but in reality they are intended for the four huskies who live inside. They can observe the surroundings through masks, and the scene is a real attraction for passers-by.

Take a look at the original idea of how the owners gave their four huskies an insight into what was going on on the street. Will the video brighten your day too?
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