Good Man Frees A Squirrel From A Bird Feeder

A video has landed online, in which we can follow a very special rescue action on the balcony.

There, an unfortunate squirrel got stuck in the bird feeder, and good people helped her to freedom again.

The video is already a real success online - it has garnered more than 2.5 million views on YouTube alone to date, and many animal lovers are thrilled with the scenes.

The squirrel accidentally got stuck in the bird feeder, and she could no longer find her way to freedom on her own. When the man helped her with this, she scratched him several times, but in the end the rescue action succeeded.

The scenes were captured in the city of Snow in the US state of Arkansas, and the video is sure to impress you as well. Watch a cute video in which a squirrel was rescued from a bird feeder on the balcony. Well done for such an act!
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