How To Get Rid Of Annoying Crows Waking You Up In The Morning

Crows are beautiful and very intelligent birds, but their sound can be very disturbing for many, especially in the early morning hours.

They stay mainly in settlements and their vicinity, which is why many of us have already met crows.

The gray crow is a Eurasian bird from the crow family that lives in northern, eastern and southeastern Europe, western Asia, and the Nile delta in Africa. Like other members of the family, the gray crow is an opportunist who often exploits man's presence to nest and search for food, which is why it is often found in or near settlements.

A video has landed online in which Lucas Farrar recorded a simple trick on how to chase away annoying crows. Nobody likes to be deprived of his morning sleep by the sound of crows.

All you need is a laser aimed at the canopy of the tree where the crows are located. See how the author of the video chases away the crows.
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