Husky Tries To Talk His Way Out Of Trouble After Getting Into The Trash

Over the past year, a really sympathetic video has landed online in which all attention has been stolen by a husky named Blu.

The owner caught him when he caused a real mess in the apartment, and he wanted to avoid the owner's quarrel in his established way.

When the owner from Atlanta in the US state of Georgia came across a mess in her apartment, she immediately knew who the main suspect was. Her dog Blu skillfully hid, but then had to confront the owner.

She tried to give him a lesson so that the dog would no longer destroy things around the apartment during her absence, but she came across a scene that made many animal lovers online laugh.

The dog Blu overpowered the owner by howling, and you will definitely laugh at his response. Do your dogs also respond like Blue when you try to give them a lesson?
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