Incredible Hack Shows Us How To Get A Shopping Cart Without Coin

Did you ever go shopping, but then found out that you do not have a coin for shopping cart? If you every again find yourself in a similar situation the next time, you will surely appriciate this useful hack that has been circulating the web for many years.

Instead of coins, you can use keys to rent a shopping cart.

Three years ago, the web encircled a video clip in which the author showed an excellent trick, which enables us to borrow a shopping cart without using coins. If you do not have coins in your pocket, this is certainly the best choice.

You can use the very last part of the key, which has the perfect size to unlock the lock on the shopping cart.

Be careful not to forget the key in a shopping cart when leaving the store. Look at the easy way and feel free to share it with your friends - they will definitely be grateful!
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