Lea Kyle Performs Dazzling Quick-Change In AGT Semi-Finals

These days, a Frenchwoman with a very special talent appeared again in the semi-finals of the America's Got Talent show.

She changes clothes on her body so quickly that she creates the impression of real magic.

The video of her semi-final performance is already a real success online - it has reached more than 200,000 views on the YouTube network alone to date, and you will no doubt be impressed by the performance yourself.

Lea Kyle is a woman from France who has a very special talent. With it, she impressed the judges at the America's Got Talent 2021 show already at the audition, and these days she also shone in the semi-finals.

Take a look at what kind of performance she put on this time when she showed off her exceptional abilities next to the song "Rain On Me" by Lady Gaga. Just how does she manage to perform such an illusion?
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