Police Using Drone To Catch Multiple Vehicles Crossing Double Line

These days, a video from Poland has been circulating on the Internet, in which police officers used a drone to punish offenders.

On the flat section of the road, where there is a double line, traffic was first observed from the air, and then the offenders were punished one after another.

In front of the police these days, drivers in Poland are no longer safe - there police officers also use a drone to monitor traffic, which is vigilantly monitoring what is happening on the roads.

Many drivers did not follow the regulations, as they overtook the vehicles in front of them one after the other on a flat part of the road, even though the lanes were separated by a double continuous line. At the end, a bitter surprise awaited them as they were stopped and punished by police officers.

Will police officers in Poland find it easier to achieve greater traffic safety by using drones? Take a look at how the offenders there have been punished with a help of a police drone.
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