Satisfying Moment When Multiple Coins Are Placed Inside A Coin Vortex Funnel

Satisfying scenes are something that every one of us likes to look at on the web. These days, we received a video clip from Slovenia, in which we can see a very special scene.

The group visited the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana, where several copper coins were thrown into a coin vortex.

The vortex is made in such a way that the coins roll up to the moment when they land in a narrow hole. There, the coins are rotated several times, then they fall into the collecting container.

We have certainly seen scenes online when we throw one coin into such a vortex, while a group of boys and girls shot a scene on camera, when several coins landed in the vortex.

See how satisfying the scenes look like when bunch of coins are dropped inside coin vortex funnel.
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