Spectacular Timelapse Video Of Low Level Inversion Fog Acting Like The Sea

These days, the internet has been surrounded by a video clip from France, in which the author shot breathtaking scenes with the morning fog.

The video is already a real success on the web, and many online users are quite excited about the play of nature.

In the French region of Ain, Brice Volo filmed a beautiful scene of nature in which the morning mist could be seen using timelapse technique. Due to the inversion, the fog lingered in the basin, and timelapse footage reveals that it was moving like the sea.

Brice captured the scene on camera on January 1, then posted the video on his Facebook profile.

Take a look at the beautiful morning fog dance from France, which has impressed many users around the world with its image. Will the fog in timelapse technique impress you too?
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