Stuck Turtle Rescued From Rocks And Released

Animals often find themselves in trouble where they need human help to avoid a tragic end.

The turtle in the video, which is already a hit on the Internet, also found itself in big trouble.

The video of the man rescuing the turtle has so far reached more than 4.5 million views on YouTube alone, and many internet users are enthusiastic about his rescue.

Turtles are reptiles characterized by the fact that their body is protected by a bony or cartilaginous carapace of 60 pieces formed from metamorphosed ribs. Today we know about 300 living species of turtles, many of which are critically endangered due to their slow movement and long generation time.

The man in the video saved the turtle, which unfortunately got stuck between the rocks - the rescue took more than 15 minutes, but it was finally successful. He carried the turtle to the water and set it free, and the scene warmed the hearts of many netizens. Well done to the man for successfully rescuing the turtle!
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