Suicidal Doesn't Always Look Suicidal

In the circle of acquaintances and friends, almost all of us have already encountered suicides, which have a very big impact on families and all those who loved the victim.

In an effort to raise awareness, a video has landed online showing us how hard it is to recognize depression in people using real-world examples.

Experts believe that what leads to the occurrence of suicide is essentially a contradictory mixture of the urge to die and the helpless call for help, the so-called appeal addressed to the environment of the affected person. This legitimacy is most evident in a suicide attempt when the suicidal act does not end in death due to various circumstances or the predominance of appeal in the motivation of the act.

The web these days surrounds a video in which scenes with people before they commit suicide are collected. Many of them showed no signs of depression, and they looked happy on the clips. Nevertheless, the people in the footage ended their lives.

Check out the video that made many viewers think these days. Talk to your friends and acquaintances, and in case of any problems, kindly advise them, offer them support and the necessary help.
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