The Proper Way To Perform The Heimlich Procedure

The Heimlich maneuver, also the Heimlich grip or tummy tuck, is a first aid measure that can save a life in the event of impending suffocation or bolus death due to airway obstruction with a foreign body.

That is why it is important that each of us knows how to perform the Heimlich procedure correctly.

A video landed online in which the man clearly showed how to perform the Heimlich grip correctly.

The helper stands behind the person who is suffocating and hugs the upper part of her abdomen with his hands. He makes a fist with one hand and places it under the ribs and chest in a spoon (epigastrium). He hugs his fist with his other hand and then pulls it hard against his body. By doing so, it tries to jerk the pressure in the lungs, which will squeeze the foreign body out of the trachea. This maneuver can be repeated up to five times if necessary (in a supine patient from above).

Watch a useful video in which they presented the correct course of Heimlich's grip. We share the clip ahead, maybe saving someone's life.
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