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Aug 01, 2017 Category: Other Author: mate

Two Men Tried To Rob Old Man In Broad Daylight, Then Angry Mob Beats Them Up

The Durban community came to the rescue of an elderly man involved in an attempted hijacking. The video below shows two alleged hijackers approaching the open door of the man's car. They then try to pull him out of the vehicle.

A woman loading shopping bags into her nearby car hears the commotion, grabs her handbag as a weapon, and rushes to the elderly man's assistance. Another woman rushes over, with the elderly man now lying on the road, one of the attempted hijackers is inside the vehicle.

As the video progresses, more people get involved, even the passenger in a passing tow-truck leaps out of his vehicle to help.

The attempted hijacker is pulled out of the vehicle and beaten. The other man managed to escape in the chaos.


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