12-Year-Old Girl Producing Art So Realistic People Question If She Really Did It

Barely 12-year-old girl Isabella Brazhnikova has such an extraordinary talent for drawing that people can hardly believe that she creates drawings herself.

Her works are reminiscent of real photos, and videos of her talent are already a real success online.

Isabella Brazhnikova, who comes from Auckland on the northern island of New Zealand, began drawing at the tender age of four. Her drawings are so good that many online users have repeatedly questioned that they may be the work of a 12-year-old girl.

At home, she has also been visited in recent days by journalists from the New Zealand TV network TVNZ from the 1 News department, in order to see for themselves the authenticity of her drawings.

Take a look at the extraordinary talent of a barely 12-year-old girl from New Zealand, with which she will no doubt blow you away too. The girl certainly has a very bright future in the world of art.
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