16 Dancers Line Up To Ambush Audience With "Dirty Dancing" Routine Like Never Seen Before

We have been in love with dance for thousands of years. Our ancestors were in love with dancing, and over time, the popularity of dance was only getting stronger.

Over the years, new dance styles have been developing, and thanks to dance films in the 1980s, many styles have expanded around the world.

Two years ago, the group of dancers showed their dance skills during the popular Oktoberfest event in Germany, and with their dance performance they got a lot of attention. The eight pairs danced synchronously around the dance floor, and with their dance steps they attracted the attention of every present visitor.

Students from the Bodscheller Dance School stole all the attention as soon as they started to dance to the songs from the most iconic films from the 1980s.

When you see this video before you, you will certainly be delighted with the dance steps of students from Germany. Would you like to go to the dance floor with such music playing in the background?
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