8-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Performs Bach Better Than The Original

Elisey Mysin is a young talented pianist from Moscow, Russia, who attracts every fan of classical music with his performances.

He is barely eight years old, and with his exceptional musical talent he has proven many times that he has a rich musical career ahead of him.

According to his family, Elisey was passionate about music even before he was born. Every time his older sister played the piano, he happily "danced" in the belly during his mother's pregnancy.

These days, a video has landed online in which 8-year-old Elisey impressed many by playing song by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Many wrote at the time of the toddler's performance that he played the song on the piano better than Bach himself, and praise for his talent is pouring in from all over the world. Will little Elisey Mysin from Russia impress you too?
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