A Tesla Crashed Through The Columbus Convention Center Going 70 Mph

The web is surrounded by a video in which we can watch a real horror movie in the city of Columbus in the US state of Ohio.

A surveillance camera at the Columbus Convention Center captured a scene when a driver with a Tesla crashed into a building at a speed of around 70 mph.

The real miracle is that there were no fatalities in the Tesla accident - the driver told police that the car was no longer braking, causing it to crash at high speed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Prior to that, the driver ran a red light, avoided pedestrians by inches, and flew through the entrance of the convention center. Inside, he was stopped by a load-bearing pillar, and the driver survived the accident without serious injuries.

The video has spread rapidly online these days - with more than 100,000 views to date on YouTube alone. Take a look at the horror that took place these days in the city of Columbus in the US state of Ohio.
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