Airsoft Guy Gets Behind Enemy Line, Outcome Is Hilarious

A video landed online a few days ago, in which we can follow a hilarious scene during an airsoft match.

One of the players took advantage of his opponent's inattention, and the video is already a real hit online.

The scene was captured at the Ballahack Airsoft Field sports complex, located in the US state of Virginia, and the video is a real success, especially among airsoft fans.

The competitor broke through the enemy line during an airsoft match, then took advantage of his opponent's inattention. He asked him to lend him plastic ammunition, and his opponent, of course, agreed. In doing so, he overlooked the fact that behind him actually stands an enemy.

The author of the video then had no hard work - he shot his opponent with an airsoft gun, who was left speechless above the final outcome. See how an airsoft player has afforded his opponent.
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