Angry Deer Defends Rabbit From Swooping Hawk

The web has once again circled a video in which we can follow a relentless deer as it defended a bunny on a meadow.

The deer mercilessly attacked a hungry eagle on the meadow, and unfortunately it didn't end well for the bird.

Kris Miller was trimming trees near Nordic Mountain Park in the US state of Wisconsin when he spotted a dead eagle in the grass. Right there stood an animal-watching camera that filmed an unusual fight between a deer and an eagle.

The eagle first catched a small bunny there, then another deer entered the fight, killing the eagle in cold blood. The bunny managed to escape to freedom, and the eagle was the biggest loser of the battle.

See how relentless deer can be in combat. Have you ever seen a moment when a deer would get so cold-blooded over an eagle?
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