Australian Teens Save As Many Koalas As They Can By Driving Around

Australia's bushfires have attracted a worldwide attention. Many are shocked by the fact that over 500 million animals have been killed since the fire from September 2019 up to date.

Koalas were the most affected - their population dropped by as much as a third in Australia due to fires.

The web was surrounded by a video clip of teenagers from Australia stepping in to rescue as many koalas as possible. 19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb drove through Kangaroo Island in southern Australia, looking for survived koalas while driving.

At the same time, the brave young men told a horrific news to media - as many as 60% of the koalas they found were burned to death.

Despite the horrific statistics, they managed to save quite a few koalas. The young men were further entrusted by the media to take care of the koalas themselves and pay the costs of veterinary medicine, and then release them back into the wild after recovery. See how many koalas the teenagers from Australia had safely placed in their vehicle. Well done for such a move!
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