Baby Monkey Hasn't Seen Mom In 3 Weeks. This Happens When They See Each Other!

When a student attending Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted a baby vervet monkey painfully hopping around on an injured leg, he called for help. A team of volunteers from the Umsizi Vervet Rescue Centre spent hours trying to catch the elusive little guy who they named Pearce.

Naturally his monkey family was very angry and upset that the naughty humans were chasing after their poor baby. They didn't understand that the rescuers were only trying to help the poor injured monkey!

After the team finally managed to nab the slippery little fella, they took him back to the center where a vet could treat his injuries. He spent several weeks under their expert care until his leg finally healed up good as new. And once he returned back to his family, moment captured on camera made many people cry!
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