Baby Swans Jumping From The Bridge

A video from years ago once again rounded up online in which all the attention was stolen by brave baby swans.

The mother first took them to the top of the bridge and then showed the babies how to jump into the water.

The scene, captured on a mobile phone by Sydney Neijman, is already a real success on the YouTube network - it has garnered almost 1.5 million views to date. The main culprits for the great popularity of the video are the baby swans, which impressed many with their courage.

At the top of the bridge, their mother first jumped into the water, then the bravest baby jumped after her. It was followed by the others, and at the end the last baby decided to jump into the water.

Take a look at a cute scene where the mother swan taught her babies how to jump from the bridge into the water. Another beautiful scene that will bring a smile to your face.
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