Bag Snatcher Failed To Account For Granny's Wrestling Skills

A video from a surveillance camera in the state of Queensland in Australia, in which they recorded the revenge of a brave grandmother, landed on the Twitter network these days.

The bad guy stole her purse, and the grandmother chased after him with all her might before she knocked him to the ground.

The video, posted on Twitter by The Sun, is already a real success - it has reached more than 300,000 views to date, and all the credit for the exceptional response goes to the brave grandmother.

The robber stole her purse, but the grandmother didn't say the last thing. She chased after the robber and knocked him to the ground, then got her purse back during the fight. Many believe this is the bravest grandmother on the web.

Take a look at an amazing scene from Australia where the grandmother quickly took revenge on a robber after he stole her purse. Lesson learned?
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