Bear Has Hilarious Response After Seeing His Reflection In A Mirror

One of the hits on the Internet is a video from Russia, in which we can watch the strange reaction of a bear when it saw its own image in a mirror in the middle of the forest.

The bear made many animal lovers laugh online with its reaction, and in the end it successfully fought its reflection and became the undisputed winner.

In less than a month, the video has already reached more than 15 million views on the YouTube network alone, and the bear's reaction made many animal lovers laugh.

Strangers set up a mirror and a hidden camera in the forest, which recorded the reaction of the animals when they saw their image in the mirror. The most excited was the bear, which attacked the mirror and, judging by the result, successfully defeated it.

Watch a strange video recording in the middle of the forest, where we can follow the reaction of a bear when it saw its image in the mirror.
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