Bird Shows Its Cleaning Routine After Owner Pours Water On A Plate

Not only people, but also birds like a pleasant bath where they can clean themselves.

The bird in the video, which is already a real hit on the YouTube network, also took a moment to relax. To date, the video has reached more than 11 million views.

Many birds love to play in the water and enjoy the bath, but of course we also find those that avoid contact with water. Nevertheless, bathing is important for bird health, and a bath is also recommended for captive birds.

The bird, which can be seen in the video from Russia, is more than obviously enthusiastic about bathing. Its owner therefore prepares a pleasant bath for the bird several times on the plate.

See what a scene looks like when a bird indulges in a grooming moment inside the plate previously filled with water by the owner. If you also have birds in captivity yourself, give them a moment to pamper and care.
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