Blind And Deaf Puppy Recognizes Owner When He Comes Home

One of the hits of the past years is also a video in which all attention was stolen by a deaf and blind dog.

It waits for its owner to arrive every day, and despite many obstacles, it recognizes him even if the owner is feets away.

The video of a blind and deaf dog touched many online two years ago. The dog was waiting for the arrival of its owner, and then the animal was overflown with happiness even before the owner even approached it. The dog recognized its owner despite blindness and deafness.

The moving scene of the dog's happiness quickly rounded up online, and has garnered nearly 400,000 views to date on the YouTube network alone.

When you see the sincere joy of a deaf and blind dog at the arrival of its owner, your heart will also beat at the scenes. What a lovely dog!
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