Braemar Makes History Squeezing Through Tiny Corinth Canal In Greece

From Greece comes a remarkable video in which the cruiser Braemar crossed the Corinth Canal.

This is a remarkable achievement, as a 22.5 m (73.8 ft) wide cruise ship broke through a 25 m (82 ft) wide canal, making it as the longest ship ever to cross the Corinth Canal.

The Braemar Cruise managed to make the 6.3 kilometers (4 miles) journey through the Corinth Canal, with 929 passengers on board at the time of its remarkable achievement. The Corinth Canal was built in 1893, separating the Peloponnese and mainland Greece.

Last Wednesday, the longest ship to date was able to get through the canal. The Braemar cruise ship weighs 24,344 tons and measures 195.82 meters (642.45 feet) in length. A remarkable achievement was also confirmed by the company Fred Olsen, which owns the cruiser.

See how the route of the Braemar cruise through the Corinth Canal was recorded using a drone!
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