Chef Says You've Probably Been Whisking Wrong Your Entire Life

In many households sweet cream is one of the basic foods. It is so versatile that many almost can not imagine cooking without it.

But do we all know how to properly whip cream by hand?

America's Test Kitchen, Youtube
Chef Dan posted a special video clip on the web in those days. He himself believes that many of us use irregular technique while stepping a cream.

That's why he showed a simple technique in the video that should be used in every household when whipping cream!

The secret is to whip the cream in just two directions. Chef Dan recommends that we whip the cream from left to right, as it is the easiest way. With this technique cream will always retain a solid structure!

Look at the easy way how to properly whip the cream. Feel free to share the clip further among friends so that they will also find out what the right way is to whip the cream!
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