Clumsy Dog Falls Off Dock And Splashes Into Water

In recent days, a lot of online attention has been stolen by a video in which the owner filmed his awkward dog.

He first stumbled over the flooded pier and then accidentally fell into the water. The dog made many viewers online laugh with his action.

The video, posted on the YouTube network, has become a real hit to date - it has garnered more than half a million views in just a few days.

The dog initially grazed his curiosity on a flooded pier, but apparently did not see the ground because of the water. He made a big mistake and stepped over the pier, then landed in the water. He quickly climbed to the pier again, and with his action he brightened the day for many online viewers.

Look at the cute act of the puppy as he awkwardly stepped over the pier and ended up in the water. Will the dog put you in a good mood with his action too?
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