Cyclist Runs Red Light And Returns To Headbutt Pedestrian He Nearly Hits

London cops are on the hunt after an unwise cyclist who has attacked a 57-year-old man last month.

The video landed online only yesterday, and police are now asking potential eyewitnesses for additional information to catch the cyclist as soon as possible.

Cyclist first ran a red light on Farringdon Street, London, hitting a pedestrian crossing the street properly. The cyclist apparently got angry, so he stopped his bike and then walked to the pedestrian.

Without warning, a headbutt followed, throwing the pedestrian on the ground and injuring him. The 57-year-old needed stitches over his eye and also suffered a ligament injury to his arm.

The scene was filmed by surveillance cameras, and the unwise cyclist is now facing a heavy penalty. See what a scene a security camera captured in London last month!
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