Cyclist Tells The Driver To 'Pay Attention', Crashes Right Into Cyclist Ahead Of Him

Many cyclists experience a lot of unsuitable moves during their ride, which is why their life is often endangered by other road users.

On the other han, there are unfortunately also cyclists who behave on the road in a way thinking that the rules do not apply to them.

These days, a video was uploaded on the web in which one of the car drivers crossed the path of two cyclists. According to the law, the driver didn't do anything wrong, because in the cases of turning, the drivers can also be sorted over the bicycle path.

Both cyclists had to brake, causing one of them to tell the car driver to pay more attention while driving. And then a real irony followed...

When the cyclist spoke about attention, he obviously forgot that also he has to pay the attention on the road. It was precisely because of his mistake that he ran into the bicycle in front of him, and the video smiled a lot of people on the web. Careful on the roads!
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