Dad Fights Alligator Attacking Handler At Kids' Birthday Party

The family from the US state of Utah enjoyed a show with crocodiles, which was prepared as part of a birthday party for one of the kids in the premises where they take care of dangerous reptiles.

Soon after the start, a real drama took place there, as the alligator attacked the caretaker - a man who was watching the show from the other side came to her aid.

The alligator bit the caretaker in hand, trying to pull her underwater several times, even though the water was very shallow. The children watched the dramatic events in shock, then one of the fathers entered the cage to help the caretaker to freedom.

After a few minutes of fighting, he managed to free the woman, who was bitten in the arm by an alligator, then he waited in the cage himself, holding the huge reptile with his bare hands.

Take a look at the dramatic unfolding after an alligator bit the caretaker in hand during a children's birthday party. Well done to the man for such a brave intervention!
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