Dispatcher And Ohio State Highway Patrol Help To Stop A Runaway SUV

A week ago, a real drama took place on Interstate 77 in the US state of Washington.

A 20-year-old female driver called the police for help, as she could not stop or slow down the vehicle due to a mechanical malfunction.

Police operators kept in touch with the female driver at all times and sent police vehicles to help. The driver could not stop on the highway because, according to the latest official data, her brakes failed, and at the same time there was a malfunction in the use of cruise control.

Police officers did their best to warn the other drivers of the danger on the highway, and in the end it all all ended luckily.

According to the instructions of the police operators, the woman managed to stop the vehicle with the help of the emergency brake, and the bitter experience will surely remain in her memory for a long time.
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