Driver Almost Crashes Into Biker Which Makes An Incredible Save

A video has landed on the YouTube network these days, in which we can follow a close encounter between an inattentive driver and a motorcyclist.

They would have almost collided, but the motorcyclist managed to avoid a car accident and possibly tragic injuries with a skilful reaction.

The video, which was captured in Poland, reached more than 150,000 views on the YouTube network in just one day. The driver of a passenger car filmed a scene when a careless driver nearly caused an accident at one of the intersections in Poland.

He took advantage of many vehicles in the intersection - even a motorcyclist who was driving at a slightly higher speed. He avoided a collision with a car just for inches.

Take a look at a scene from Poland in which a motorcyclist almost became a victim due to a careless driver. Another proof that great care is needed on the road!
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