Driver Installs Umbrella For Traffic Police

That there is still kindness and positivity among people is proven by a video from China in which one of the drivers took care for a pleasant gesture.

He stopped next to two police officers who were performing their duty in the sun, then gave them a large umbrella.

The video, which comes from Xinhe County in China, has already garnered more than 430,000 views online to date. The credit for the exceptional response goes to the pleasant gesture of the driver, who came to the aid of two police officers during work.

On a hot day, they did their work in the scorching sun, which made one driver feel sorry for them. He stopped his vehicle and then gave the officers a large umbrella to give them at least some shade.

Judging by the response, they were very grateful to him for his move, and the video also touched many online users. Take a look at the driver's wonderful gesture when he came to the aid of two police officers.
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