Eight Skydivers Mistime Their Jump, Crash Land Into A Florida Swamp

If you also wanted to ever jump with a parachute, then do not imitate the skydivers in the video down below.

A group of eight friends went to the last jump in 2018 on the New Year's Eve, then they experienced a real drama.

In the first part of the video we can see the scenes taken during by the camera on the helmet of the skydiver named Lane Paquin. With his high performance parachute Valkyrie 79 he crashed into a swamp in Florida, but the whole drama has not ended yet.

When he stood in the swamp, he could only watch his friends helplessly looking for a suitable place for a landing near the swamp. Some have succeeded, while others have made their landing in the way Lane did.

Take a look at what shock the skydivers witnessed when they found out they would not be able to fly over the swamp. Luckily, none of the parachutes was hurt by hard landings.
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