Eliud Kipchoge Is The First Person To Run A Marathon In Under 2 Hours

The fastest marathon runner of all time, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, made a historic achievement for the sport at a marathon race in Vienna.

He has beated the 42-kilometer long running competition in less than two hours as the first man in history!

The Kenyan has set a record time of 1:59:40 on the exactly 42.195 meters long track, but his achievement will not be recognized as an official world record as he has not reached it on the official event. Namely, Kipchoge also had "tempo runners" beside him.

The official marathon world record thus remains 2:01:39, which was set by Kipchoge at the Berlin Marathon last year.

Nevertheless, his achievement on the run in Vienna will be recorded in history - he completed the marathon distance as a first man in less than two hours. Check out the scene when Eliud Kipchoge came to the finish!
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