Excited Horse Makes Impressive Jump, Then Crashes Hard

In recent days, a video has landed online in which all the attention has been stolen by a horse.

He was so happy when he saw his owner that he rushed into the run, jumped high into the air and lost the ground under his feet when he landed.

Brad Matchett owns a 20-year-old horse named Smokey, which we can follow in the video in front of you. At the Rusty Jade Ranch in Ontario, Canada, Brad filmed his arrival to pasture, and the horse Smokey was so delighted that he initially ran.

At the top of the slope, the horse jumped so high that even his owner was left speechless. Since the jump was a real stunt, the horse lost ground under his feet on landing. He fell to the ground, but with enthusiasm quickly picked himself up and continued to run.

Take a look at the crazy move of a horse from Canada that has left many animal lovers online without words with his amazing jump, as well as his owner Brad.
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