Firefighters Stop In The Middle Of A Street To Help An Old Grandma

A video clip from last year, where we can watch an unusual action in the middle of the city, has been making the rounds on the Internet these days.

There, an old grandmother crossed the busy road, and because of the danger, the friendly firemen came to her aid.

The video, which recently spread again on the social network Facebook, has almost 6 million views to date. Many online users are impressed by the move made by the fire department.

While driving, they noticed an old grandmother crossing a busy road by herself. In order to protect her, they stopped the traffic and then safely escorted the grandmother to the other side of the road.

The video clip is, without a doubt, new evidence of what extraordinary heroes firefighters are, who always come to our aid in times of need. Watch the heartfelt gesture of the firemen when they helped a grandmother to cross a busy road.
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